Among the most powerful digital marketing tools for any website is SEO. This can be defined as an approach using a set of strategies to increase the traffic to a website. SEO has numerous benefits and of them is that it helps websites to rank well in search results. There are a wide array of tactics for SEO strategies and here are the three main types of SEO strategies:

On-page SEO. This involves elements on your website that you can control directly to ensure that your site appears in relevant organic search results. Here are some of the elements of your site that you can optimize: Title tags, Meta descriptions, URLs, Content, Internal links, Heading tags, Navigation, Alt tags, and Design. You can use several on-page SEO techniques to help your site rank higher too such as including keywords in your elements, making your site more user-friendly, and tailoring content to meet your customers’ needs.

Off-page SEO. This is an essential SEO and it includes elements in your website that you cannot directly control. Backlinks are a key off-page SEO tactic and they are links directed to your website by search engines. Here are the three crucial types of links to consider: Natural links, Created links, and Built links. Techniques that you can use for off-page SEO are sharing content on social media and collaborating with bloggers.

Technical SEO. To help your website rank better is Technical SEO that emphasizes server optimizations and backend websites. It boosts user experience and is an essential SEO for any website. It ensures that your site is indexed by search engines and maximizes your off-page and on-page SEO. Examples of technical SEO improvements include: Speeding up your site, Using responsive design, Dealing with duplicate content, Updating your robots, and Creating an XML sitemap.

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