What Child Bike Should You Buy For Your Child?

What Child Bike Should You Buy For Your Child?

When it comes to picking a child bike(https://www.birk.no/) for our child the process can be difficult. There are thousands of options of different bicycles. A child bike now comes in several different models and each one has its own pros and cons. The trick is to find the perfect child bike for your child. We discuss the three most popular types of a child bike that you can find on the market.


A tricycle is a bicycle(https://www.birk.no/sykkelbutikk-oslo) with three wheels. There are two wheels at the back and then there is one wheel in the front. The concept of the bicycle is that with the two back wheels, the child won’t have to rely on their own balance. This can be a good thing and a bad thing. The bad thing is that your child will become dependent on this type of bike.

Balance Bike:

A balance bike(https://www.birk.no/sykkel/sykkel/elsykkel) is a bicycle without pedals and only two wheels. The concept behind the balance bike is that once a child knows how to balance that they can easily start pedaling. The Balance bike, or Prebike, is quickly becoming one of the most popular kids bicycles on the market.

Normal Bike:

The most famous child bike is a normal two wheeled bike with pedals. This bike is generally aimed for children aged six and above. Younger children struggle with normal bikes simply because they do not know how to balance and pedal. If you want to get your child onto a normal bike, try getting them a balance bike to practice on first.

When it comes to the child bike market there are three main types of bicycles. The first is the outdated tricycle which is becoming more and more rare. These bicycles don’t help your child work on their confidence or on their balance skills. The tricycle is only there to help your child balance, not teach them. The second bike is a balance bike or what is known as a PreBike. The Prebike helps build your child’s confidence, motor skills and co-ordination. The third bike is a normal “big kids bike”.

Each specific bicycle suits a specific age of children. The balance bike is perfect for children between the ages of one and five. The bike will help them quickly convert to a big kids bike once they are older. These tips and advice will help you purchase the best child bike for your children.